Free HTML course.

Free HTML course.

Web Development is constantly searching for talents, if you are looking for a new career or a career shift, we strongly recommend you to take a look at Web Development as an option. There are two paths that you can follow, or even both if you have the time and discipline. One is Front-end Development and the other is Back-end development.

The front-end developer is responsible for the part of the development of a website in which mainly the user can interact with, the visual design, the small quick responses of the website from clicks, animations, and other user interactions within that website.

Backend in a quick way to describe is responsible for the Database structure, database programming, and website interaction with the data and the frontend.

To get you started on Front-end development we are sharing with your this free course of HTML and CSS3. We will keep researching and sharing more useful free resources here to help you follow this new path in your career.

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